Les Roses de Marie

shutterstock_113312698The story of “Les Roses de Marie” started in 2014 following numerous visits of shea butter cooperative manufacturers in Republic of Guinea. All those cooperatives are controlled mainly by women in the rural areas that provide them the opportunity to gain an income and to look after their children. We are very sensitive to the emancipation of the African woman in their home and we wish contribute in a meaningful way by providing them with financial autonomy which substantially improve their quality of life as well as their families, including the creation of jobs, the creation of schools in the villages in order to give a chance to these children to have a better future. The name « Les Roses de Marie » is intended as a powerful symbol, since the name « Marie » represents both traditional women as modern women and the symbol of the « Rose », means softness and robustness. These women that we call “Our Roses” give their knowledge, their energy and their love to provide you with an exceptional quality of shea butter!

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