Take care, of your children skin…

The sensitive skin of our children gives us most often headaches because we do not know what kind of cream or lotion could counter dehydration or dryness of their skin. They often play outside, they constantly wash their hands at daycare, at school, at home, which does not give us an easy task when it’s time to treat their sensitive skin, and during the winter, it’s even worse !

Dear Moms, Dads and Grandparents, here is a miracle for the skin care of your love ones :

-Daily care in winter before all outings, melt in your hands a small amount of shea butter “Les Roses de Marie” and apply to face and / or body part you want to protect and massage gently. For hands, apply it before putting on gloves or mittens. For lips, proceed in the same way by melting the shea butter. For long outings, apply a bigger amount of shea butter.

-Intense Treatment repair in case of severe acute drought: after bathing and / or before bed, melt a generous amount (I should say quite generous !!!) and coat with your hands literally shea butter on skin by massaging circularly. Don’t worry, your little ones will look all buttered, but in the following minutes the skin will absorb completely shea butter, so do not remove excess fat. The restorative properties of shea butter will act throughout the night and you will see an improvement the following day. Continue this treatment until the skin recovers completely.

Seydi Nabbe